Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Son Wants to Be Police Officer, to Parent's Chagrin

DEAR HARRIETTE: My son wants to become a police officer, and I am worried. I know that it is a so-called good, stable job with benefits. But I worry that he will end up being killed in the line of duty. Plus, these days the community doesn’t trust cops the way they did when I was growing up. I know I can’t make this decision for him, but I really wish he would go for something else. How can I get him to consider another path? -- Say No to Cop

DEAR SAY NO TO COP: You should not try to dash your son’s dreams. Yes, being a police officer comes with certain potential dangers, but he knows that already. We need strong, honest community members to go into law enforcement. Perhaps your son can help to bring back that spirit of community that you appreciated when you were growing up.

Rather than stomping on his dreams, you can express your concerns but give your son your blessing for him to find out if this is the right career for him.

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