Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Is It Time for Lego-Loving Son to Grow Up?

DEAR HARRIETTE: My son has been playing with Legos since he was about 5. He’s a teenager now, but this is still his gift of choice. He told me and my mother that what he wants more than anything for his birthday are the latest Lego kits that are out. Part of me wants to expand his vision. He is about to be of the age to be interested in girls and in being more social. I fear that there won’t be too many girls who will want to build Legos with him. Should I start weaning him off Legos and give him a gift that will point him to more social activities, like dance lessons or something? I don’t know what to do. -- Growing Up, Bronx, New York

DEAR GROWING UP: Don’t rush your son’s personal development. He has plenty of time to begin figuring out social dynamics with girls. Further, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that some girls like Legos as well. If I were you, I would get him the Legos that he has requested. You could supplement the gift with something more socially minded.

Talk to your son about what he might like to explore. If you think he would be into dance lessons, then go for it. If he will think that you are meddling in his life, that idea will backfire. Listen to him and learn how he might like to expand his horizons.