Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Husband Upset Over Posts to Social Media

DEAR HARRIETTE: I participated in a wonderful family celebration, and we took a ton of photos. I took some on my phone, and as per usual, I posted some of them. My husband hit the roof. He was so angry that I had “violated” our family’s privacy. I never thought I was doing that. I am proud of my family and happy to share. I use social media all the time. I don’t think other family members had the same opinion, but my husband is livid. How do I handle this in the future? -- To Post or Not to Post, Chicago

DEAR TO POST OR NOT TO POST: Some people want their private moments to remain private, which is difficult in these days of social media. Your husband is not wrong to have wanted the times you spent with family to remain within the family. That you typically post photos, though, means he knows this is your practice. His alarm could be out of proportion to your common practice.

It is smart for you to ask before posting pictures, even images of your family and friends. Before the advent of social media, it was common practice for people to be required to sign photo releases stating that they had given permission for their image to be broadcast or published. This is still a regular practice professionally, but it is hard to enforce when nearly everyone has a smartphone and a social media account.