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by Abigail Van Buren

Trampoline Is Too Tempting for Neighbor Who Likes to Jump

DEAR ABBY: I like to jump on our neighbors' trampoline when they're out of town. I have been doing it for decades. Normally it's no big deal, but last weekend they returned home earlier than usual and caught me in the act. Now my wife is ashamed to show her face around the neighborhood, and she's blaming me for the whole thing.

Abby, I have a simple solution to this mess. If the neighbors don't want me jumping on their trampoline, they should cough up the money for a privacy fence. Don't you agree? -- BOUNCING INTO TROUBLE

DEAR BOUNCING: If you are so jumpy and can't keep your feet on the ground, it may be time to buy your own trampoline, which would save your wife a world of embarrassment.

Your comment about the neighbors building a fence may have been offered in jest, but it is sensible. If someone's child were to play on that trampoline in their absence and be injured, your neighbor could wind up paying a lot more than the cost of a fence.

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