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by Abigail Van Buren

Friend Wants to Be Ready When Man Asks for Help

DEAR ABBY: I have been dating this woman for a few years. We aren't in a committed relationship, but she wants me exclusively to herself. She's a very jealous type, and a comment she made took me over the edge.

She told me that my late wife's picture should only be displayed in my children's room, and that I'm still holding onto her, which is preventing me from moving forward with any woman. I will never remove any pictures of my children's mother out of respect not only for my departed loved one but for my children as well. What do you think of this? -- RESPECTFUL IN TEXAS

DEAR RESPECTFUL: If you keep a photo of your late wife next to your bed, I can see how it might bother someone you have been dating for a few years -- particularly if you haven't made a commitment to her. That said, if displaying a picture of your wife in a public room of your home is so threatening to this woman that she would make the kind of scene you describe, it may be time to replace her with someone who is less easily threatened.

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