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by Abigail Van Buren

Passionate Cook Objects When Wife Steals a Sample

DEAR ABBY: I love to cook. It's my passion. Problem is, when I cook for people coming over for dinner, my wife likes to sample the food before they arrive. What really upsets me is when I make a cake or something that needs to be served whole, she cuts into it and it looks like I'm serving leftover food. It's infuriating.

To me, the presentation is important. She couldn't care less. If I mark it "Do Not Eat" or hide the food, then I'm "wrong" or "going too far." Help! -- FOOD FIGHT IN NEW YORK

DEAR F.F.: Of course the presentation is important. Ask yourself why your wife would deliberately do something to ruin the meals you prepare for company. Could it be jealousy that you are the center of attention?

What she's doing is inconsiderate and disrespectful. If she's so hungry she can't control herself, she can make a peanut butter sandwich in an instant, or peel a banana in even less time. Because you must go so far as to hide the dishes you don't want "sampled," then I have to disagree with your Mrs. You are not going too far at all. Put your foot down!

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