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by Abigail Van Buren

Couple Clashes Over Restaurant Staffing Decision

DEAR ABBY: My husband owns a restaurant. It's a demanding endeavor, and I help him out by running weekly errands, marketing, and occasionally fronting money for larger purchases or unplanned expenses. Generally, I don't mind. I have years of hospitality experience and some schooling in the field.

For the past few days, I have been fuming because my husband hired a man with whom we have a bad history. He dates my cousin and has been blatantly rude to my family. He has taken advantage of their kindness and turned my cousin into someone she was not before. (She's doing drugs.)

When I asked my husband if he really thought this was a smart choice, he said, "You don't own the restaurant. It's none of your business!" I disagree. Shouldn't I have a say when I help that place function week after week? Or is he right? -- MIFFED IN MISSOULA

DEAR MIFFED: When you asked your husband the question you did, it clearly hit a nerve or he wouldn't have become defensive. Because you have been putting money into the business to keep it going, you should be able to offer an opinion about how it is run and have it be respected.

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