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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Feels Pigeonholed by Wife's Introductions

DEAR ABBY: When my wife introduces me at a company event and/or party, she says, "This is my husband, 'Philip'; he's a teacher." I am uncomfortable being introduced that way because people have the preconceived notion that being a teacher defines who I am (which it does not).

I have pointed out that people are not usually introduced with their careers, unless they are doctors. My wife says I'm "overreacting." I have asked her to stop doing it, but she thinks I'm just being silly. Your thoughts/comments on our discussion would be greatly appreciated. -- MORE THAN A TEACHER IN ARIZONA

DEAR MORE: You and your wife have a bigger problem than how she introduces you. You are married to someone who dismisses and belittles your feelings. Whether you are overreacting is beside the point. If you prefer not to be introduced the way she is doing it, she should have enough respect for you to comply with your request.

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