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by Abigail Van Buren

Overbearing Wife Is Left Off Neighborhood Guest List

DEAR ABBY: We don't care much for the wife of one of our new neighbors. The husband is nice, but his wife is overbearing. On the occasions we get together, she interrupts conversations or takes over the conversation whenever she speaks. Occasionally, we see each other around the neighborhood, and it's always a friendly meeting since we can walk away from them.

Once in a while one neighbor will have a few of the others over for a party, but no one wants to invite the new couple because of her. What do we say if either one asks why they aren't invited to some of the parties we have? We live close enough to each other that they might see us entertaining without them. Please don't suggest we invite them and suck it up since we tried that and the evening was not fun for anyone. -- STRUGGLING FOR AN ANSWER

DEAR STRUGGLING: Don't worry, I won't. No one should ask a question like that unless prepared for the answer. If one of them is so bold as to ask why they weren't included, I think you should tell the person the truth.

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