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by Abigail Van Buren

Teen Sees Trouble in Photo of Shirtless Young Cousins

DEAR ABBY: I'm concerned about a photo my uncle posted to Facebook. It features my two female cousins, ages 6 and 2, shirtless. I know no harm was intended in posting the photo, as they are both adorable girls. However, I find it inappropriate that the 6-year-old -- who is going into first grade -- was shirtless in the photo. Now that it is on the internet, it could be easily seen by a pedophile.

How do I express my concern to my uncle about this without coming off like I am trying to parent for him? I'm only 17 and don't want to overstep my boundaries, but as a caring family member, I am concerned. -- NIECE IN COLORADO

DEAR NIECE: Because you are nervous about approaching your uncle about this, consider discussing your concerns with the children's mother. If your uncle is a single parent, then mention it to your own parents and, if they agree with you, ask them to mention to your uncle that his semi-nude pictures on the web may endanger his daughters.

P.S. Your uncle should be made aware that he can customize his account settings and make his profile private. That way, only family and selected close friends will be able to see his timeline.

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