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by Abigail Van Buren

Mother Moving In With Son Brings Extra Baggage

DEAR ABBY: I live in Miami and my mother-in-law lives in Ohio. My husband just told me she is planning to move here and live with us. I don't mind her moving in with us because she is my mother-in-law, but her boyfriend of 15 years is also coming down. Her boyfriend's brother is moving to West Palm Beach. (It's the reason why they are moving.) Does it make me sound petty to say I don't want the boyfriend to move in with us? -- MOTHER-IN-LAW DILEMMA

DEAR DILEMMA: Petty? I don't think so. You are not running a boardinghouse. The boyfriend is no relation to you, and if you prefer not to have a stranger living under your roof, that should be your choice.

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