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by Abigail Van Buren

Friend Stuck At Home Cringes At Tales Of Travel

DEAR ABBY: I am tired and disgusted hearing our friends brag about their travels to Alaska, Italy, Hawaii, etc., while my husband and I are financially and medically unable to do such things. One of my longtime "friends" is actually taking a friend of hers to London, all expenses paid.

This is hard for me to swallow. How can I remove myself from this kind of talk and still maintain friendships? -- ON THE GROUND IN OREGON

DEAR ON THE GROUND: I can think of two ways. The first would be to tell your closest longtime friends that you would prefer not hearing about their adventures because, considering your circumstances, it is depressing. The other would be to discuss with your husband and your doctor the feasibility of planning an inexpensive getaway to someplace nearby so you won't feel so left out.

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