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by Abigail Van Buren

'Friends' Intrude On Family's Graveside Service

DEAR ABBY: What do you think of people who show up at graveside services for "family only"?

Recently, a friend passed away. She didn't want a funeral. The family announced there would be a service at the grave for family only, followed by a small reception for family and friends.

Well, some of the "friends" showed up at the service anyway. One of them stated, "But she was like a sister to me!" I felt it was an intrusion.

The family was gracious enough that they didn't let these people know their presence wasn't welcomed. What do you think, Abby? -- FAMILY FRIEND FROM MAINE

DEAR FAMILY FRIEND: Oh, my. Of course it was an intrusion. The person who was conducting the service should have spoken up and "reminded" the attendees that the interment was for family only so the family wouldn't be placed in an awkward position.

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