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Parents Need Lesson In Getting Daughters To School Bus On Time

DEAR ABBY: A new family moved down the street. They have two young kids who take the bus with my son. What is annoying to me is their daughters are always late for the bus, which makes the bus late to school. Should I say something or let it go? In all the years my son has taken the bus, this is the first time this has happened. Thanks for the advice. -- LATE FOR SCHOOL IN OHIO

DEAR LATE: Talk to your son's teacher, because his tardiness to class could reflect poorly on his grades. The teacher -- or school principal -- might send a note to the parents "reminding" them that children must be in their classrooms by a certain time, that the bus schedule is fixed and cannot be adjusted to accommodate each student, and if it continues to happen, the driver will have to leave without their daughters.

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