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Cleanliness That's Nearly Godly May Set Bar Too High

DEAR ABBY: A wonderful man, "Frank," said he was interested in developing a relationship. The problem? He is a super neat freak. A person could live in his garage -- it's that clean. The floor is spotless and everything is in its place. Frank washes and shines his car every second day. When there is a delivery to his house, he makes the delivery people remove their shoes before entering.

I'm neat, but not to that extreme. When I'm at Frank's house, I am on pins and needles if I leave a glass on a table that might leave a ring and terrified I'll drop something on his carpet. Frank has never said anything, but I wonder what he's thinking.

I like Frank a lot, but when he comes to my apartment, I notice his 360-degree gaze around the rooms. Another possible problem -- he has no interest in culture or the arts. Am I right in seeing more minuses than pluses in such a relationship? -- NEAT ENOUGH IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR NEAT ENOUGH: If what you want from the relationship is just friendship, I don't see a problem. However, if you're looking for more than that, then I'm afraid my answer is yes -- to which I'll add one more "minus": your inability to discuss your misgivings with him.

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