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by Abigail Van Buren

Sibling Refuses To Part With Mother's Antique

DEAR ABBY: Since I was a teenager I have always had an appreciation of and love for anything vintage. When my mother wasn't able to sell her white milk-glass items in a rummage sale, I asked if I could please have them to display in an antique china cabinet. My husband and I have admired the pieces, and I love knowing that they were once my mother's.

My brother, who has never had any interest in vintage items and has a home that looks like a hoarder lives there, wants one of the pieces because of an old picture of him near the piece. I guess he must be feeling nostalgic. Mother feels I should give it to him since he wants it.

I am torn as to why I must part with the piece to just be placed in a box -- or worse. We enjoy all of the pieces and I'm feeling selfish. What should I do? -- APPRECIATES ANYTHING VINTAGE

DEAR A.A.V.: Listen to your mother. The milk glass was hers to begin with. It won't hurt you to let that one piece go, and the reason your brother would like to have it seems valid. Surely family harmony is as important to you as your glass collection.

Because you are having difficulty letting go, let me help you. One, two, three -- GIVE!

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