Miss Manners

Miss Manners by Judith, Nicholas and Jacobina Martin

September 16, 2014

Foster Dialogue on a Blog by Welcoming Those Who Disagree

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I'm not sure whether to reply to comments on my blog. On the one hand, ignoring reader comments entirely makes the blog look one-sided and discourages people from expressing their opinions. But on the other, for me to post a subsequent comment to those who agree with me --... continue

September 14, 2014

Men, Let the Gloves Come Off Before You Shake Hands

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Do ladies remove gloves before shaking hands? What about gentlemen? GENTLE READER: Why does this question strike fear in Miss Manners' brave heart? She knows the answer to your question, of course, and if you will be patient for a moment, she will give it to you. But then... continue

September 11, 2014

Ex-Wife Strengthens Her Position by Staying Above It All

DEAR MISS MANNERS: My ex is getting remarried to a woman he had an affair with, our next-door neighbor. He has pressured all three of our children to be in his wedding. (One daughter and a son live with me.) I understand asking his son, who refused three times, then finally gave in, but to ask our daughters... continue

September 09, 2014

Traffic Laws Take Precedence Over Attempt to Drive Politely

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Living in a small town, I often have the occasion to negotiate a four-way stop. The rules are simple: First person stopped has the right of way; if two or more stop at the same time, yield to the person on the right. However, more often than not I see the person with the right of way wave a... continue

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