Dear Abby
Dear Abby in Advice

The Key to Being Well-Liked Is to Make Yourself Likable

DEAR ABBY: I'm a 15-year-old girl. When I'm with the high school group of kids at my church, I try to extend myself and talk, but they never reciprocate much. I always have to try to think of something to say and be careful I don't embarrass myself. Especially around guys, I feel awkward and self-conscious. ... continue

Sense & Sensitivity
Sense & Sensitivity in Advice

Fitness Bracelet Making Reader Too Competitive

DEAR HARRIETTE: My sister and I got fitness bracelets and connected to each other to keep ourselves motivated. It's weird, but it is working. If I see that she is out there stepping, I definitely feel like I had better get up off my butt and do something. In that way, it is good. She and I have always been... continue

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