Dear Abby
Dear Abby in Advice

Father of Four Is Selfish to Put His Health at Risk

DEAR ABBY: I am a 34-year-old wife and mother of four. I'm concerned about my husband. He is 44 and drinks at home every evening after work. I don't mind him having a few cans of beer, but he drinks between six and 12 a day. He refuses to see a doctor for checkups or when he is sick. I am worried about... continue

Sense & Sensitivity
Sense & Sensitivity in Advice

Friend Questions Kindness of Sending Photos

DEAR HARRIETTE: I was cleaning up my house the other day and came across a bunch of old photos. I had such a nice time traveling down memory lane. At a certain point I found photos of a friend and her partner during a celebration, and I immediately thought that I should send them to her. Her partner died... continue

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