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Girl Suspects Her Grandpa Has Become a Dirty Old Man

DEAR ABBY: I am a 12-year-old girl, and my grandpa is 75. I love him very much, but I have noticed lately that he stares at women's breasts when they are jogging, and he smiles when a gust of wind blows a girl's skirt up. This embarrasses me, and I am embarrassed for him. He must have realized it by now. ... continue

Sense & Sensitivity
Sense & Sensitivity in Advice

Twin Sons Scared After Watching the News

DEAR HARRIETTE: My husband and I are news junkies. These days, everything seems so sad and scary. War seems to be erupting all over the place. Add to that all kinds of natural disasters. It is awful. Even so, we can't get enough of it. And there is our problem: We have 11-year-old twin sons who are often... continue

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