Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Reader Questions Ghosting By Social Media Connection

DEAR HARRIETTE: I've really connected and hit it off with a new friend I've been chatting with on social media. We have exchanged numbers and have been texting every day. The conversation flows smoothly. However, I've been noticing a pull back. He started to take several hours to respond to my messages and then suddenly completely stopped. I waited a couple of days before sending any more messages. I then sent a message asking if everything was going well, and I received no response. My initial feeling was hoping that nothing bad happened to him, but my gut tells me that something fishy is going on. What are reasons you could provide -- if any -- for a person to just cut off communication so abruptly. -- Cut Off

DEAR CUT OFF: My guess is that this person has a spouse or significant other and either got caught or woke up to his reality. Your best choice is to leave well enough alone. If he ever does come back, challenge him hard on his sudden absence. You deserve an answer, but stop waiting for one.