Sense & Sensitivity by Harriette Cole

Boyfriend Turns Down Friend's Vacation Suggestion

DEAR HARRIETTE: My good friend is talking about organizing a vacation in the spring, and she asked my boyfriend and me if we would like to participate. The way she does this is to find a few couples or individuals who want to go in on a house and then rent it together. This makes it more affordable and easier to get a nicer house. I like the idea, but my boyfriend isn’t so into it. He doesn’t think he will like sharing a house with six or eight people. He says it feels like college, and we are grown now. I see his point, but I think it could be fun. Plus, we have been talking about taking a vacation but hesitant because of the cost. I want to convince him to try this out at least once to see if we like it. How can I get him to reconsider? -- Group Vacay, Memphis, Tennessee

DEAR GROUP VACAY: Think about this trip opportunity and who will be part of the house. Do you get along with everyone? Does your boyfriend? If the actual people aren’t the issue, broach the idea again. Point out that you both like the other potential housemates, and you think everyone will get along. Ask your boyfriend to consider this trip as a trial to see if you enjoy being part of a group when you are on vacation. If he agrees, be sure to schedule some activities without the group so that you two can create your own individual special memories. If he refuses to go and the two of you do not make other plans, consider going without him and having fun with the group.