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Miss Manners by Judith Martin, Nicholas Ivor Martin and Jacobina Martin

Kicking Customers Out, Hours After Closing

DEAR MISS MANNERS: Due to an unfortunate experience with Victorian novels and my dear grandmother, I was led to understand that the only things that should sparkle on a lady during the day are her wedding jewelry and her eyes. Therefore, I have long been mystified to see, in daylight, perfectly ladylike women in sequin-covered evening wear as if they were appearing on TV.

Now, a few decades later, I have observed women at the office, the beach and the grocery store wearing sequins on random bits of clothing, including face masks. Can Miss Manners please update us on the proper wearing of sequins and other sparkling things for the modern lady?

GENTLE READER: Sparkly things should not be worn by grown-ups during the day. Neither should dangling earrings -- but clearly only Miss Manners, you and the heroines of the unfortunate Victorian novels you’re reading know and follow the rules.