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Miss Manners by Judith Martin, Nicholas Ivor Martin and Jacobina Martin

The 'Other Woman' Wants to Become No. 1

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am the other woman in the life of a man I am seeing, and I want to be the first woman.

He seems to like us equally and to be indifferent as to which woman occupies which position. He and I went out on our first date at a time when he and she weren't getting along and he thought they were going to break up. So he went out with me, and here we are.

How do I get her out of the way?

GENTLE READER: Other than hiring a hit man? Miss Manners is many things, but she assures you she is not that.

Why you would want to be with a man who has shown such lack of discrimination in his romantic attachments is beyond her. Apparently it has not occurred to you that if you were able to eliminate your rival, you would create a job opening.

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