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Figuratively Speaking For January 08, 2021

After the COVID-19 pandemic, percentage of employees who would look for another job if they were no longer allowed to work remotely in their current one, according to a survey by Owl Labs: 46

Percentage who would stay, but be less happy: 66

Percentage who would stay, but be less willing to go the extra mile: 54

Out of employees who said they would stay, percentage who would expect a pay increase to make up for the additional costs: 44

Source: Owl Labs.

Percentage of men who strongly believe that being married will make them more of an adult, compared to just 30% of women, according to research by Brides: 44

Percentage of newlyweds who said they've always wanted to get married, with 89% believing that marriage will take their relationship to the next level: 69

Percentage of newlyweds who cited financial security and benefits as a factor in their "I do" decision: 23


As 2020 drew to a close, percentage of Americans who expected people in their country to become more tolerant of each other, compared to 63% who said it is unlikely to happen in 2021, according to a global Ipsos survey: 26

Percentage who said they would make a new friend in their local area: 47

Percentage of Americans who expect to feel lonely most of the time, in line with expectations for previous years: 26

Source: Ipsos.

Percentage of the people who use dating apps who say they have shifted toward more intentional dating since the pandemic, according to a survey by Singles in America: 58

Of those surveyed, percentage who are being more honest with potential partners: 69

Percentage who are spending more time getting to know potential partners: 63

Source: Singles in America.

While flying in a plane, percentage of Americans who worry about technical/mechanical issues with the plane, according to a Reuters poll: 45

Percentage who are worried about bad weather/turbulence and also about contracting the coronavirus: 41

Percentage who say they do not feel worried when they fly: 18

Of nine considerations when buying an airline ticket for personal travel, ranks of ticket price and COVID-19 safety measures on the list of the most important things for passengers: 1, 2

Reuters: Reuters.

Percentage of IT executives who said when it comes to remote work, at least a quarter of their employees will continue to work remotely permanently, according to research from Qualtrics: 65

Percentage of IT leaders who gathered employee feedback to understand needs and requirements when considering new software or services: 76

Percentage of IT leaders who believe this new model is permanent: 65

Source: Qualtrics.

Percentage of teachers who said they have used personal funds on classroom tools due to circumstances influenced by COVID-19, according to a new survey from 86

Percentage who have spent between $251 and $500 of their own money on their classroom this year: 32

Percentage who said they most need subscriptions to online learning platforms for their classroom in the spring: 49


Percentage of homeowners with insurance and percentage of people with auto insurance who did not review their policies in 2020, according to a report: 46 and 36 respectively

Among those with homeowners or auto insurance who did not review their policies this year, percentage who believe they have improved their credit score in 2020, something that could earn a better insurance rate: 19 and 21, respectively


Percentage of today's teens who report they are thinking about their physical and emotional safety and wellness more than they did six months ago, according to research by Zogby: 61

Percentage of teens who believe their school is doing its best to create an atmosphere of physical and emotional safety: 49

Source: Zogby International.

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