Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For January 29, 2021

Number of vaccinated health care workers who have been invited to attend Super Bowl LV, according to an announcement by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: 7,500

Total number of fans who will be in attendance: 22,000

Source: CNN Money.

Percentage of Americans who could cover an unexpected $1,000 expense, such as a car repair or emergency room bill, from their savings, according to a survey from (down from 41% in 2020): 39

Percentage who would have to borrow money to meet their expenses: 38

Percentage who would finance it with a credit card and pay it off over time: 18


Percentage of companies that believe 2021 hiring demand will approach, return to or even exceed pre-pandemic levels, according to a study published by CareerArc: 76

Rank of "talent retention" on the list of top employer concerns in 2021: 1

Source: CareerArc.

Percentage of those over the age of 60 who have a hoarding disorder, according to research by Assisted Living Services Inc.: 7

Percentage by which the prevalence of hoarding increases for every five years in age: 20

Source: Assisted Living Services Inc.

Percentage of people who are shopping online more than they did before the pandemic (with 36% doing so much more often), according to global research by ESET: 70

Percentage who expect to do more online shopping post-pandemic: 44

Source: ESET.

Percentage of professionals who would consider relocating if their company offered long-term remote arrangements, according to Robert Half research: 51

Percentage who have already made a move: 4

Percentage who would not be willing to take a pay cut in their current job if they were to move: 75

Source: Robert Half Finance and Accounting.

Percentage of home workers who report a worsening sense of isolation, according to research by Steelcase: 37

Percentage who report a drop in their productivity: 20

Percentage who report a drop in their engagement: 20

Percentage who enjoy not commuting: 35

Percentage who have a worsening work-life balance: 16.5

Source: Steelcase.

Percentage of small businesses that plan to outsource in 2021, citing as the reason the prospect of saving time and money and working with experts, according to a report from Clutch: 80

Percentage of businesses with fewer than 10 employees that use outsourcing to get help from an expert: 26

Percentage of small businesses that are weighing their options whether to outsource "onshore," or domestically: 56

Percentage who plan to "nearshore," or outsource to a neighboring or nearby country: 15

Source: Clutch.

According to the 2021 Digital Innovation Benchmark report, percentage of technology leaders who expect a business to go under or be acquired by 2024 if they lag in digital innovation, up from 37% in Kong Inc.'s inaugural 2020 report: 51

Percentage who predict this outcome within six years: 84

Source: Kong Inc.

Ranks of deteriorating health, loss of income or employment, and more frequent weather-related natural disasters on the list of real threats perceived by adults throughout the world, according to a global survey by Ipsos for the World Economic Forum: 1, 2, 3

Ranks of conflicts and trade disputes between my country and other countries, worsening social prejudice or inequality, and more difficulty accessing training/education on the list: 4, 5, 6,

Source: Ipsos Public Affairs.

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