Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For September 25, 2020

Percentage of moms who agree that celebrating Halloween this year will be a nice break from everything happening in the world, according to a survey by Zulily: 32

Percentage who agree that planning fun activities is good for their families -- but they’re doing so on a budget: 36

Source: Zulily.

Percentage of users who admitted they went through a breakup in the last year, a significant increase from last year's findings of only 34%, according to a survey by 67

Of the 67% who said they have ended relationships in 2020, percentage who said they lived with their significant other, while only 18% said they weren't cohabiting: 49

Of those living with their ex-partner, percentage who revealed they realized living together caused many fights, which ended with separation: 25


Percentage of Americans who are reverting to childhood food favorites and eating more comfort food during the pandemic (includes an uptick in such favorites as pizza, hamburgers, ice cream, French fries, mac and cheese, and spaghetti and meatballs), according to a survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Farm Rich: 66

Percentage who say they’ll continue to enjoy the same amount of comfort food post-pandemic: 69

Source: Farm Rich.

Percentage of parents living with children at home -- compared to adults without children at home (32%) -- who say they're spending more time outdoors with family and friends, according to research from Finn Partners: 50

Percentage of parents with kids 18 and under in the house who report feeling more connected to their social networks, compared to 28% of nonparents: 44

Source: Finn Partners.

Percentage of Americans who felt guilty asking for time off since they're working from home, according to a survey by ValuePenguin: 13

Percentage of consumers who had to put off a milestone trip such as an anniversary or graduation celebration because of the pandemic: 33


Percentage of U.S. adults who say their top financial priority over the past few months has been catching up or staying current on the bills (up from 38% last year), according to a new survey by 46

Ranks of saving more money, paying down debt and providing financial assistance to family members or friends on the list of top financial priorities: 2, 3, 4


Though the holiday season may still feel far off, percentage of holiday shoppers -- 46 million people -- who have already started or plan to start their holiday shopping by the end of September, according to 25


Percentage of Americans who acknowledge that COVID-19's impact has made them more likely to speak about money to loved ones, according to a survey by N26: 22

Percentage who don't think it's wise to travel abroad at the moment due to COVID-19, and would rather opt to stay close to home: 46

Source: N26.

Percentage of U.S. broadband households that feel safe enough with only a professionally monitored home security system, while 55% report feeling “safe enough” with only a self-monitored home security system, according to research from Parks Associates: 60

Percentage of security system owners who feel safe in their home today: 92

Source: Parks Associates.

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