Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For July 10, 2020

Percentage of American small business owners who say they are fearful of reclosing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, up from 17% in May, according to a survey by Alignable: 41

Percentage of PPP loan recipients who say they're almost out of money: 43

Percentage of small businesses that never got federal funding that say their cash reserves could be gone by the end of July: 69

Source: Alignable.

Percentage of people age 50 and older who have been contacted by a government impostor, according to a survey by AARP: 45

Of the 2 in 5 U.S. adults who are using dating websites, percentage who encountered one of the "red flags" of romance fraud, including requests for money: 50

Percentage of survey respondents who failed a 10-question fraud safety quiz: 55

Source: AARP.

Percentage of professionals who say their organizations have revised their travel policies, according to a survey from VitalSmarts: 43

Percentage who report having more online meetings: 33

Percentage who have a new plan for video-based meetings and sales calls: 17

Source: VitalSmarts.

Percentage of respondents who agree that they never learned the majority of their day-to-day job duties in school, according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll and commissioned by Express Employment Professionals: 77

Source: Express Employment Professionals.

Percentage of consumers who are "certain" that they understand how the coronavirus spreads, according to Colling Media: 48

Percentage who say they are closely following news about the coronavirus: 74

Source: Colling Media.

Percentage of individual donors who say they plan to give money to small business (directly or via crowdfunding), according to research from BBB's 24

Percentage who say they will look for ways to help unemployed individuals directly: 25

Source: BBB Wise Giving Alliance.

Percentage of U.S. adults with unused gift cards or store credits who have held onto at least one credit for more than a year, according to a survey: 57

Percentage who have allowed a gift card to expire at some point: 25

Percentage who have regifted a gift card: 23


Percentage of U.S. residents who work remotely more frequently after moving to a new metro area, according to a new survey conducted by Redfin: 25

Percentage who work remotely sometimes or always after their move, compared with just 44% who worked remotely before the move: 52

Source: Redfin.

Percentage of people who incorrectly believe paper towels, receipts and aluminum foil can be recycled, according to research commissioned by ecoATM Gazelle: 36

Percentage who think to-go coffee cups can be, too: 31

According to the research, percentage of people who were unaware devices such as laptops, cellphones and tablets could be recycled: 57

Source: ecoATM Gazelle.

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