Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For October 16, 2020

Percentage of shoppers who are sick of having to cook more during the pandemic, while 35% of shoppers found a new passion for cooking during the pandemic, according to a research report from Acosta: 25

Percentage of Americans who say planning different meals every day was one of the biggest challenges faced when meal planning: 40

Source: Acosta.

Percentage of Americans who are considering tapping their 401(k) given the economic climate, according to the Retirement Confidence Index from SimplyWise: 27

Source: SimplyWise

Percentage of Americans who would rather give up alcohol instead of their favorite comfort food dish, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Farm Rich: 67

Rank of steak on the list of the comfort food meal everyone is most looking forward to enjoying at a restaurant post-pandemic: 1

Source: Farm Rich.

Percentage of moms who say they plan on making their family's Halloween costumes, according to a survey by Zulily: 34

Percentage who will whip up spooky treats in the kitchen rather than spend money on store-bought sweets: 31

Source: Zulily.

Percentage of respondents who would rather wait at the DMV than do their least-favorite cleaning task, according to a survey by Jelmar for CLR: 41

Percentage of American adults who have found themselves cleaning their homes more frequently during the COVID-19 pandemic: 60

Percentage who have tackled a cleaning task they’ve been avoiding for years during the pandemic: 53

Source: Jelmar.

Ranks of kindness, love of family, intelligence, strong work ethic and individuality on the list of qualities moms most hope to instill in their children, according to Meredith Corp.'s first-ever parents values study: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Percentage of moms who say kids today are less kind than past generations: 76

Percentage who say that showing their child how to be compassionate and kind is the most important task of parenthood: 50

Source: Meredith Corp.

Percentage of countries that included "birdsong" in their top-three valued sounds out of a total of 20, according to a global survey conducted by hearing aid maker Widex: 75

When prompted about which sounds in nature specifically were most important, percentage who listed birdsong: 42

In the eight nations surveyed, number of countries whose residents identified birdsong as their top natural sound: 8

In the U.K., rank of birdsong on the list of the most valued sound across all categories, including music and voices: 1

Source: Widex.

Amount the average employee has saved while working remotely through COVID-19, according to Owl Labs/Global Workplace Analytics Report: $479.20

Extra number of hours per month the average employee worked remotely through COVID-19: 26

Percentage of full-time workers across the United States who, afraid of getting COVID-19, would prefer to work from home: 79

Percentage who say working from home allows them to avoid the commute: 79

Percentage who said working from home reduces stress: 74

Source: Owl Labs.

Percentage of couples who said the pandemic has changed their expectations for their wedding, according to research by 81

Percentage who said that living through the pandemic has made them want to marry their significant other more: 82

Percentage of couples who had to postpone their wedding due to COVID-19: 66

Percentage who still decided to have a wedding during the pandemic: 36


Percentage of the global workforce whose mental health has been negatively affected by COVID-19, according to a study by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence: 78

Despite perceived drawbacks of remote work, percentage of people who find remote work more appealing now than they did before the pandemic, citing they now have more time to spend with family (51%), sleep (31%) and get work done (30%): 62

Source: Oracle CX.

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