Figuratively Speaking by John MacIntyre

Figuratively Speaking For September 08, 2017

Percentage of U.S. workers who feel they have just a job, not a career, according to a CareerBuilder survey: 55

Percentage of these workers who are likely to change jobs in the second half of 2017: 38


Amount of Americans' outstanding credit card debt, a new record, according to the Federal Reserve: $1.0217 trillion


Percentage of millennial women who said they feel the need to downplay the time and effort they put into their look, according to a survey of millennial women by TRESemme: 70

Percentage of women who feel there is a stereotype about women who spend time on their appearance: 68

Source: TRESemme.

Percentage of Americans who say they have signed up for a subscription or membership, such as a gym, that enrolled them in an automatic payment plan without even realizing it, according to a study by 35

When respondents found themselves in this situation, percentage who kept the autopay turned on: 11

Percentage who found it easy to cancel an automatic payment: 47


Percentage increase in healthy food consumption when families share home-cooked dinners, according to research by the FMI Foundation: 24

Average number of times per week that parents eat home-cooked dinners with their child or spouse: 3.5

Rank of "differing schedules" on the list of obstacles for missed family meals: 1

Source: FMI Foundation.

Percentage less interest charged for the average new car loan than the average used car loan this year, according to Wallet Hub: 16

Compared with buyers who have excellent credit, amount more that those with fair credit will spend in interest (about five times more), over the life of a five-year, $20,000 loan when financing a vehicle: $6,282

Ranks of car manufacturers (rates 44 percent below average) credit unions (21 percent below average) as the best options for financing a new car: 1,2

Ranks of regional banks (25 percent above average) and national banks (10 percent above average) on the list of the less favorable options for financing a new car: 1, 2

Source: WalletHub.

Percentage of teens who anticipate working a part-time job while attending college, while only 49 percent of college students or recent graduates actually had one while in college, according to a survey by Ameritrade: 58

Percentage of teens who expect to help pay for college with scholarships or grants: 49

Percentage of teens who say they will take or have taken part in a work-study program: 59

Source: TD Ameritrade.

When Americans were asked to list the world's top cities, ranks of New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., London, Sydney and Rome: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Source: Ipsos Global Public Affairs.

Percentage of tutors aged 50-plus who cited a desire to share their accumulated knowledge as their No. 1 motivation, according to a survey by Wyzant: 73

Percentage who said they tutored for the money: 59

Source: Wyzant.

When asked if they had auto, health or home insurance, percentage of Americans who say they have at least two of these, according to a survey by Harris Poll on behalf of OneAmerica: 80

Source: The Harris Poll.

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