Figuratively Speaking for February 17, 2017

Percentage of divorcees who say that finances played at least "somewhat" of a role in their divorces (20 percent believe it played a "big" role), according to a survey by Experian: 59

Percentage who say their spouse's credit score was a source of stress in the marriage: 36

Source: Experian Marketing Services.

Month that community activist and civil rights icon Rosa Parks was born, according to the U.S. Census Bureau: February 1913

When she was arrested in 1955, number of years, on average, that black children attended school: 7

Now, percentage of African-American adults who have at least a high school diploma: 85

Estimated number who are enrolled in college as graduate or undergraduate students: 3.4 million

Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

Percentage of Americans who admit they're more likely to wash their hands after seeing a sign that requires employees to wash before returning to work, according to the Healthy Hand Washing Survey conducted by Bradley Corp.: 50

Percentage who say the presence of other people causes them to either make sure they wash their hands or wash longer or more thoroughly: 40

Source: Bradley Corp.

When asked who's responsible for keeping spirits high on the job, percentage of North American workers who said it was their responsibility alone, according to a study from Robert Half and Happiness Works: 25

Percentage who said it was all in their company's hands: 5

Percentage of respondents who cited a combination of the two: 70

Source: Robert Half Management Resources.

Over the last 12 months ending November 2016, number of miles driven by Americans, according to research by Convergex: 3.215 billion

Number of equivalent round trips to/from the sun this would equal: 17

Source: Convergex.

Approximate number of Americans who have concealed a bank or credit card account from their live-in spouse, partner or significant other, according to a survey: 12 million

Percentage of older baby boomers, those ages 63 to 71, who have had a secret account: 11

Percentage of millennials who have had a secret account: 3


Average amount that U.S. consumers spent this Valentine's Day, down from last year's record high $146.84, according to an annual Valentine's Day survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics: $136.57

Amount spent on flowers: $2 billion

Amount spent on an evening out: $3.8 billion

Amount spent on jewelry: $4.3 billion

Source: NRF.

Despite 44 percent of parents reporting improvements in school cafeteria meals within the last five years, percentage of parents who opt to pack a lunch, according to a Nielsen survey: 51

Percentage of consumers who want to set good examples for their families by eating healthier: 41

Regardless of price, percentage of consumers who are willing to pay more if it equals a healthier choice: 55

Source: Nielsen Insights.

Percentage of consumers who report they like to work out with music, according to research commissioned by Jabra: 81

Ranks of pop, rap and dance on the list of favorite genres to exercise by: 1, 2, 3

Source: Jabra.

Percentage of U.S. adults who currently have estate planning documents such as a will or living trust, according to a report: 42

Percentage of U.S. adults who have granted someone legal authorization to make decisions on their medical care if they are unable to do so: 53

Ranks of "I just haven't gotten around to it" and "I don't have enough assets to leave to anyone" on the list of reasons given by those who don't have estate documents: 1, 2


Idle Thought

"If I knew of something that could serve my nation but would ruin another, I would not propose it to my prince, for I am first a man and only then a Frenchman ... because I am necessarily a man, and only accidentally am I French."

-- Montesquieu, philosopher, lawyer and writer (1689-1755)

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