Figuratively Speaking for March 28, 2010

Percentage of men who said that if they were filthy rich they would buy a sports car, according to an survey: 51

Percentage who said they would buy a luxury sedan: 25

Percentage who would buy an SUV: 11


Percentage of people being asked to take on new challenges that stretch them who are more excited to go to work, according to Development Dimensions International's Pulse of the Workforce survey: 24

Percentage of workers who have no desire to assume a leadership role: 62

Source: Development Dimensions International.

Percentage of Americans who believe in the "evil eye" or that certain people can cast curses or spells that cause bad things to happen to someone, according to Pew Research: 16

Percentage of Americans who say they have felt in touch with someone who has already died: 29

Percentage who say they have seen or been in the presence of ghosts: 18

Source: Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

Percentage of Americans who said they would tell family about having invasive cosmetic surgery, according to a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery: 52

Source: American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.

Percentage of Americans who say they are now more careful about remembering to bring their coupons to the store, according to an NCH Marketing Services consumer survey: 30

Percentage who state that they would maintain this new habit: 74

Percentage of respondents who also said they are now clipping more coupons than in the past: 25

Source: Valassis.

Percentage of younger workers aged 18 to 29 who see a workplace romance as having positive effects, with the top positive effect being achievement of higher social or professional status at work, according to a poll of working Americans commissioned by Workplace Options: 51

Percentage of older workers who argue that there are no positive effects from entering into a workplace relationship: 79

Source: Workplace Options.

While the government certainly does count unemployment benefits as taxable income, percentage of tax filers who believe that people do not owe taxes on income from unemployment benefits, according to new a study conducted on behalf of H&R Block: 30

Percentage of filers who believe that those collecting unemployment owe taxes based on the full amount, down slightly from 37 percent in the spring: 32

Percentage of filers who understand correctly that taxes are owed on unemployment benefits only after a certain amount: 27

Percentage of filers who do not believe it is possible to deduct a loss in the balance of a 401(k) plan from their taxes: 61

Percentage who believe incorrectly that they can claim this deduction, while 22 percent are unsure: 17

Source: H&R Block.

Percentage of consumers who believe the economy will continue to be volatile with no clear pattern of improvement, according to the results from a survey by AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co. that polled consumers and economists on numerous topics: 24

Percentage of economists who, when asked the same question, agreed: 12

Source: AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co.

Percentage of men who enjoy preparing meals, according to 82

Percentage of women who say they enjoy preparing meals: 75

When asked their preferred dinner ingredient, rank of steak on the list of favorites for men: 1

Rank of pasta on the list of favorites for women: 1


Year that the first helicopter for commercial use was licensed -- just seven months after the end of World War II, the Bell Model 47B was operated by the New York Journal for news coverage and to deliver photographs, according to the U.S. Census Bureau: 1946

Estimated number of helicopters that are in the general aviation fleet today -- up 25 percent since 2000: 9,600

Source: U.S. Census Bureau.

Percentage of Americans who think fewer pink slips being handed out and more people finding work will be the strongest indicators for economic recovery, according to a survey sponsored by ING Direct USA: 58

Percentage of Americans who believe that people taking vacations away from home will prove that the U.S. economy is improving: 25

Percentage who believe that people dining out more will be an indicator of an improving U.S. economy: 20

Source: ING U.S. Financial Services.

Idle Thought

"In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." -- Galileo Galilei

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