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Figuratively Speaking For November 22, 2009

As goes global, estimated number of unattractive people from 190 countries who have been rejected from its site over the past two weeks, according to, the elite dating and networking site for beautiful people: 1.8 million

The total number of new members who have been admitted: 360,000

Percentage of Swedish men who have applied and have been accepted: 65

Ranks of Brazil (45 percent), Denmark (40 percent), Italy (39 percent), Portugal (37 percent) and Argentina (28 percent) on the list of countries with the highest percentage of accepted applications from men: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Rank of the U.S. on the list (24 percent): 9


Percentage of workers who still think their relationship with their boss is important for their job satisfaction, according to a survey by the Adecco Group: 89

Percentage who think their boss is just as accessible as they were pre-recession: 87

Percentage of workers who respect their boss more since the recession began: 14

Source: Adecco.

Percentage of small-business retailers who compete against major retailers who say customer service differentiates their business from their larger competitors, according to a survey from RatePoint: 50

Percentage of these small businesses that said marketing budgets were the No. 1 advantage large retailers have versus smaller companies: 33

Source: RatePoint Inc.

Total federal lobbying expenditures in 2008, according to the book "The Blue Pages: A Directory of Companies Rated by Their Politics and Practices and the Center for Responsive Politics": $3.3 billion

Lobbying spending by AT&T: $32,214,784

Lobbying spending by Exxon Mobil: $45,940,000

Source: Center for Responsive Politics.

Of a total $27.64 billion in sales at Thanksgiving in 2009, percentage that will be spent on food and drinks alone, according to industry research firm IBISWorld: 92.5

Projected number of turkeys that are expected to be consumed this holiday -- up from last year's level of 45.3 million birds: 47.1 million

Percentage of all turkeys produced in the U.S. during 2009 that will be eaten during Thanksgiving: 19

Source: IBISWorld.

Percentage of workers who said they would be ready to conduct a job search if they lost their job tomorrow, according to a survey developed by Robert Half International: 82

Percentage of respondents who had updated their resume in the last three months: 20

Percentage who hadn't revised their resume in more than a year: 44

Source: Robert Half International.

Percentage of business leaders who say that the people they work with in their department/organization are more adaptable today than a few years ago, according to a NFI Research survey: 57

Percentage of senior executives and managers who also say their co-workers are more knowledgeable: 50

Percentage who say they are more productive compared to a few years ago: 44

Source: NFI Research.

Amount of money lost annually by businesses due to ineffective pain care and the lack of optimal pain care delivery, according to a Pain Medicine Position Paper published by leaders of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM): $61 billion

Cost to businesses in lost productive time by back pain alone: $19.8 billion

Source: American Academy of Pain Medicine.

Number of American jobs that a projected modest 2 percent increase in 2010 leisure, business and international inbound travel will enable members of the U.S. Travel Association to add: 90,000

Combined travel industry job losses in 2008 and 2009: 400,000

Source: U.S. Travel Association.

Percentage of the companies that froze salaries in the past year that now plan to unfreeze them in the next six months, according to surveys by Watson Wyatt: 54

Percentage that plan to reverse hiring freezes at least partially in the next six months: 49

Percentage of employers who are planning to reverse reductions to 401(k) match contributions in the next six months: 35

Source: Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

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