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by Abigail Van Buren

Cellphone Records Suggest Wife's Affair May Not Be Over

DEAR ABBY: I found out a year ago that my wife of eight years had an affair for three years with my best friend. Two months ago I realized she is still contacting him. I found out because I went through her cell records. She said she was just texting him about how he ruined our life. Now I have no access to them, and I suspect she's using a text app so I won't know. She keeps her phone with her all the time.

I can't live like this, and I don't know what to do. I always let her do what she wanted and never had a concern before this. I was always laid-back, but now I can't stop thinking she is up to no good. How do I approach this with her? We have been to counseling. Every time I bring up her affair, she says our marriage will never work because of trust issues, and I agree. Please help. -- OUT OF CHANCES IN FLORIDA

DEAR OUT: Your wife and best friend betrayed you, so your trust issues are well-founded. If she would like to stay married to you, she should not be hiding her cellphone and texts from you. If she's unwilling to cooperate, then what she said is 100% correct -- your marriage will never work, and your next step should be to talk to an attorney.

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