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by Abigail Van Buren

Brother's Campaign for Office Finds No Support From Sibling

DEAR ABBY: My oldest brother is running for a state office. Unlike me, he does not like animals. He has "hauled" litters of puppies off and shot at cats. In addition, he refuses to help our elderly parents. Family or not, I don't want someone to be a leader in our state capital who exhibits such poor moral and unethical behavior.

He has been married several times, and I know for a fact he cheated on one of his wives. I avoid attending his fundraisers and asking for votes, but other family members keep telling me that "blood is thicker than water," and that I "must" vote for him regardless of his behavior. Of course, behind the curtain I can vote for whoever I want, but should I cave to the pressure to show up in support of him at public events? Even my husband said I should donate money to his campaign because he is family. What is your opinion? -- NON-SUPPORTER IN THE SOUTH

DEAR NON-SUPPORTER: If you do not support a candidate, keep your checkbook closed. And as to showing up to endorse your brother's run for office, continue to refrain and cross your fingers that your absence won't be noticed amidst all the excitement. If your husband wants to donate to your morally degenerate brother's campaign, it is his choice, and he has a right to it just as you have a right to yours.

P.S. Anyone who would shoot at a defenseless animal and neglect his aged parents ("Honor thy father and thy mother") really doesn't belong in any office.

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