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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Is Disinclined To Meet With Newfound Half-Sisters

DEAR ABBY: My father, who has been gone for 40 years, had many good qualities, and he provided well for our family. I loved him and treasure many of the memories I have of my time with him. However, his deep-seated lechery overwhelmed his life and destroyed what might have been an idyllic '50s youth for me. It caused great pain and embarrassment to my mother, my sister and me.

I recently received communication from four different half-sisters I didn't know of who discovered our kinship through DNA tracking. I am indisposed to a reunion. I may have felt differently at one time, but I am 81 now. I no longer travel and am leaning more toward releasing relationships than making new ones. My wife has had a stroke, so we pretty much confine our entertaining to our children and grandchildren.

I deeply regret any pain my father's libidinous nature has caused, but I am not inclined to spend time dealing with the results of his affairs. I don't want to be cold. They seem nice, but it's too late in the game for me. Do you agree? -- ANCIENT HISTORY

DEAR HISTORY: I do agree. Because your father's flings caused you, your mother and your sister pain and embarrassment, I see no reason for you to engage with these individuals if you don't wish to. That said, if they have questions about your father's medical history that could be relevant to them, consider providing the answers.

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