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by Abigail Van Buren

Gay Man Is Asked When He'll Find a 'Lucky Girl'

DEAR ABBY: I'm a male who recently started dating a great guy, "Jake." I deal with the public in my job every day, and I'm often asked things like, "Do you have a girlfriend?" and, "When will you find a wife?" Even my co-workers are inquiring when I'll find a "lucky girl." I'm happy in my relationship and would like to express that. Is there a tactful, succinct, non-awkward way to let people know I'm in a happy relationship with another male? -- IN A HAPPY PLACE IN GEORGIA

DEAR HAPPY: Absolutely! When asked if you have a girlfriend, say, "No, I have a boyfriend." And when your co-workers ask when you are going to find a wife or a "lucky girl," be upfront and tell them you are dating a great guy named Jake. That should answer the questions and put the subject to rest.

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