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by Abigail Van Buren

Twin Worries About Sister Who Lies About Where She's Going

DEAR ABBY: My twin sister and I are roommates. Although we usually get along well, she does one thing in particular that bothers me. When she goes out on a date (or home) with a guy she doesn't want me to know about, she lies. She'll tell me she's at a happy hour, a friend's house or still at work. I realize she doesn't have to tell me where she is 24/7, but I hate being lied to.

It scares and upsets me when midnight rolls around on a weeknight, she still hasn't returned from her "happy hour," and won't answer my texts or calls. I have told her numerous times that for safety reasons I wish she'd be honest and let me know where she's going and whom she's with. She accuses me of trying to pry into her personal life. How can I get her to see my side? -- TWO SIDES IN VIRGINIA

DEAR TWO SIDES: People who keep secrets often have something to hide. If your sister were proud of what she's doing (and the men she is with), she wouldn't be so secretive. As well-intentioned as you are, you can't force her to level with you. And because of that, it might lower the stress in your life if the two of you make other living arrangements.

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