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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Seeking Commitment Finds Casual Sex Instead

DEAR ABBY: I'm 16 and unlike most girls I know, I prefer to be natural. I don't shave or wax my body hair. My friends accept this as my business. But my stepsisters, whom I share a room with every other weekend, say I look gross and proudly display their shave and wax jobs. They say their boyfriends and nearly all guys prefer it.

I have a boyfriend, but we aren't to that point. However, someday that day will come. Does it really matter to guys if a girl shaves and waxes? Also, how do I deal with my stepsisters? -- NATURAL IN THE WEST

DEAR NATURAL: Deal with your stepsisters by continuing to ignore their advice and following your own path. The idea that women should be hairless from the eyelids down is one that Madison Avenue and the porn industry have foisted on the public. I can't predict how "guys" will react to you in your natural state, but I can say this: A MAN who cares about you will be only too glad to accept the entire package -- fur and all.