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by Abigail Van Buren

Text From Son's Friend Raises Question of His Reliability

DEAR ABBY: I received a drunken text from my son's friend telling me my son is gay. It rambled on about their relationship. I decided not to question my son about it because, if it is true, it won't change our relationship. It really doesn't matter to me. They live in another state.

This is a dilemma because I worry about this "friend" not being trustworthy. Is this my business? Should I tell my son? What if he gets upset? -- TAKEN ABACK

DEAR TAKEN: You should absolutely have a talk with your son about the text you received. Ask him if what the friend said is true, and if it is, why you didn't hear it from him. Don't be angry or accusatory. Just be sure to assure him how much you love him and that your feelings for him have not changed. He may need to hear you verbalize it.

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