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by Abigail Van Buren

Hurt Friend Isn't Invited to Party She Helped Put Together

DEAR ABBY: My good friend injured her back, so I offered to help out with chores and errands while she recovers. One of the errands was to pick up some groceries, which included items for a barbecue party. No problem. However, I later learned she threw a grand cookout on Memorial Day, complete with boat rides, jet skis, fireworks and tons of food -- the food I picked up for her. The kicker? I wasn't invited! Am I immature for feeling angry and left out? -- TRYING TO BE AN ADULT ABOUT THIS

DEAR TRYING: I don't think you are immature. You called this woman a good friend. Unless an important fact was omitted from your letter, your feelings are normal. The only "good friend" in this relationship appears to be you.

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