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by Abigail Van Buren

Telephone Scam Threatens Legal Action

DEAR ABBY: Over the past few months, my husband and I have been getting phone calls claiming we have been charged with a crime and face dire consequences if we don't return the call immediately. As a recent law enforcement retiree, my husband knows these calls are bogus.

Please remind your readers no one is ever informed of legitimate legal action against them by a pre-recorded phone call. This includes the IRS. Notice of legitimate action is sent through the postal service or personally delivered by a court-designated representative, usually the police. I don't want any of your readers, especially retirees, to fall victim to this scam. -- RETIREES, WATCH OUT!

DEAR READERS: If you haven't heard or read about this kind of scam -- which can be very scary -- please share this item with friends and relatives. I received one of these messages about six months ago, and one of my staff members got one a few days ago. Do not engage with these con artists. If you happen to pick up the phone, say nothing and just hang up.

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