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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Gets No Thanks for Giving Wife the Gift She Asked For

DEAR ABBY: Last year for my birthday, my husband asked me what I wanted for a gift. I told him I would like flowers once a month for one year. He's been pretty good about it. But I complained about the way I receive them, which is, when we are driving home in our truck (we work together) and it's nearing the end of the month, he'll pull into the parking lot at the grocery store, run in, come back and hand them to me. He always picks out a beautiful bunch, but my complaint was that it's never a "surprise." He says he can't decide if I'm ungrateful or a spoiled brat. What say you and your readers? -- GRATEFUL IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR GRATEFUL: Your mistake was in not clearly specifying that what you wanted was a bouquet in a vase from a florist. However, because you also told your husband you wanted flowers once a month, I fail to see how they would in any way be a "surprise." He has been giving you what you asked for, and you shouldn't look a gift husband in the mouth. I'm not going to name call, but shame on you.

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