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by Abigail Van Buren

Friend Puts Dinner Companion on Long-Term Hold to Answer Her Phone

DEAR ABBY: I went out to dinner with a close friend last night. During the hour we were at the restaurant, she made and received no less than 11 cellphone calls. These were entire conversations, not unanswered rings or a quick, "I'm busy now. Call you later."

If there had been extenuating circumstances, maybe I wouldn't feel so offended. But the chats were with a co-worker, someone from church, her boyfriend, her daughter, etc. This friend does "live" on her phone, but this was excessive even for her.

I thought it was ridiculous, and next time I may be "too busy" to meet her for dinner. Should I say something or just avoid or limit meals with her in the future? -- PUT ON HOLD IN TEXAS

DEAR PUT ON HOLD: Tell your friend that you were very hurt by her lack of consideration at dinner because you had looked forward to spending some time with her -- not listening secondhand to her 11 conversations. Her behavior that night was thoughtless and rude, and she owes you an apology.

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