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Use of Prosthetic Is Off the List of First-Date Conversation Topics

DEAR ABBY: I'm curious to know your thoughts regarding this dating situation: If a person has a prosthetic and the device isn't obvious, when and how would you recommend it be disclosed to the dating partner? Is it "too much information" to reveal on a first date? Would it be all right to wait a couple of dates, see how they go, and then reveal the fact? Please help, if you can. -- CURIOUS IN LYNCHBURG

DEAR CURIOUS: I see no reason to reveal something like this on a first -- or even second -- date, and certainly not with a virtual stranger. "Prosthetics" of various kinds are common, but few people are willing to discuss the fact that their appearance has been enhanced with false teeth, caps and veneers, breast implants, Botox or a hair transplant. People are more than a prosthetic, so new acquaintances should get to know the person before receiving that information.

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