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Left-to-right or right-to-left -- How Do You Put on Your Belt?

DEAR ABBY: All my life, I've put my belt on from left to right. I never really questioned why. Just reckoned it had something to do with me being right-handed.

Recently, an old acquaintance told me I have been doing it wrong. According to him, only women do it from the left. Men belt up right-to-left.

Abby, who's right? Is there a correct way to wear a belt? Is it a gender thing, a comfort thing or does it even matter? -- NOT TOO BIG FOR MY BRITCHES

DEAR NOT TOO BIG: Most men insert their belts from left to right, and most women do it from right to left. However, unless you are a member of the military and must adhere to a strict dress code, you have the right to buckle your belt whichever way you wish.

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