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by Abigail Van Buren

Abusive Boyfriend Takes Up With Friend Next Door

DEAR ABBY: I had an abusive boyfriend who, I realized later, had abused his wife and children. After we broke up, my close friend and neighbor asked me if I'd mind if she went out with him. I initially said no, but after thinking about it, I thought how could she? She knew how he had treated me, pushing, shoving and isolating me from my friends.

I had words with her about it, and she said she wasn't there, so she didn't know if it really happened. What kind of a woman wouldn't support me?

He is over there often, and I live right next door. I am furious with her. Do I have a right to be? -- ALICE IN NEW MEXICO

DEAR ALICE: Your friend must be desperate for male companionship, or incredibly naive in failing to recognize that what happened to you (and the man's former wife) won't also happen to her. Please don't waste your time being angry. You are lucky to be rid of your abuser and should be grateful you realized he was one before he caused you physical harm.

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