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by Abigail Van Buren

Guilt Over Crime Against Woman Leads To Thoughts Of Suicide

DEAR ABBY: About 15 years ago I committed a crime against a woman I cared about. I have felt guilt and remorse about it ever since. I can't speak to her or have any contact with her.

I would like to tell her I'm sorry for what happened. I have beaten myself up over this and thought about suicide. What do I do? Please help, Abby. -- SO SORRY IN ST. JOSEPH, MO.

DEAR SO SORRY: The first thing you must do is talk with a mental health professional about your suicidal thoughts. Once you have been stabilized, you should then understand that you may have been forbidden to contact your former friend because what you did was so traumatic that it could cause her to relive the incident, which could further victimize her. If you're looking for forgiveness, forgive yourself and move on -- but leave her out of it.

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