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by Abigail Van Buren

Peeping Tom Gets an Eyeful and Couple Reclaims Privacy

DEAR ABBY: From time to time I have read letters in your column about Peeping Toms. You might find our experience interesting.

Many years ago, soon after my husband, Klaus, and I arrived as newlyweds from Germany, we rented a small bungalow in L.A. There were seven of them in two rows behind our landlord's large home in the front.

Between our little house and our next-door neighbor's was a brick patio that extended from our bedroom window to her back door. Not long after we moved in, the woman began looking into our bedroom window on weekend mornings, pressing her nose against the glass. Because we were guests in this country, we didn't want to say anything, but we knew we needed to stop her.

My husband came up with the perfect solution. He placed a large mirror in the window frame. Sure enough, the weekend came and she peered into our window. Seeing her face reflected back, she dashed into her house and never looked again. -- LILO IN COSTA MESA

DEAR LILO: I like your husband's style. Your neighbor may not have gotten the thrill she was seeking, but she sure enough got the message.