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by Abigail Van Buren

Aging Parents' Go It Alone Attitude Can Be Dangerous

DEAR ABBY: Many years ago I made a conscious and deliberate decision to leave the dating scene. Whenever I tell a woman I'm not interested or have made other plans, she becomes upset and angry with me. I try to be tactful and diplomatic with women, but it invariably results in acrimonious behavior toward me. I am exasperated with the situation. What's your advice? -- NICE GUY IN NEW JERSEY

DEAR NICE GUY: Of course when a woman hears that you're "not interested" she will be offended. A compliment it's not! And a woman who becomes upset and angry if you say you have other plans isn't someone you would want to be involved with anyway. Next time try this: "I'm sorry, but I'm NOT AVAILABLE." It's the truth -- you're not!