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by Abigail Van Buren

Where There's Smoke, Man Finds Wife With Old Flame

DEAR ABBY: My son was married a short time ago. The reception was held at my condo member hall. After the reception, the bride and groom asked me to refrigerate the leftover bottom layer of the wedding cake. They said they'd pick it up the next day.

Six days later, the cake was still in my fridge. They made excuses every day for not picking it up. Finally, I threw it away.

Now I'm the bad guy, and the bride is demanding an apology. Abby, the cake was hard and crusty, and I felt six days was long enough. Was I wrong in dumping the cake? -- FATHER OF THE GROOM IN FORT WORTH

DEAR FATHER: Let me put it this way -- rather than storing the cake in the fridge, it should have immediately gone into the freezer so it could be eaten at a later date. But because that didn't happen, and the cake was fit only to be used as a paving stone or a doorstop, the logical thing to do was throw it away.