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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Hesitates to Reconcile With Girlfriend He Dumped

DEAR ABBY: I have been married a year and a half. My husband works three jobs because he wants material things. We spend very little time together and when we do, it's sleep and sports. We don't go out to dinner or movies. I feel like I'm just here so he can get the material things he wants. -- LONESOME IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR LONESOME: You and your husband are overdue for some serious discussions regarding priorities, goals and values because it appears you are far out of sync. Tell him that while you admire his drive and ambition, successful marriages take work, too.

While many people can hold down two jobs, trying to hold down three is a challenge. A person can't put forth his best effort if he's exhausted all the time -- and fatigue leads to mistakes and inefficiency. For the sake of your husband's health, he should rethink what he's doing.

P.S. Speak up now, because if you truly believe you're just there so he can get the material things he wants, it doesn't take a crystal ball to see this marriage may not be one of long duration.